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+7 (926) 535-55-99 Contact me
Personal legal counselor for businessmen and executives
we enable and provide support
for critical decision making
I work with
years of litigation and arbitration practice
publications on cutting edge legal issues
of disputes settled
in pre-court mediation

Fields I specialize in

Economic crimes
Defense against fraud charges
Complex and major legal disputes
Protection of personal financial assets
International legal services
International business tasks of any complexity
My Bio
Who I am and why you should trust me?

Founder and president of the International Legal Corporation “DIGESTA” since 2004

Juris Doctor (equiv. Ph.D)

Top Manager of the Russian Federation Award by National encyclopedia of personalities of the Russian Federation

15 years of legal practice

Married since 2004. I bring up a wonderful son

Hobbies - yachting and freeride snowboarding

I convince and encourage my clients to cooperate closely with me, as 50 % of success depends on their involvement in the process. That is why, whenever talking about my projects, I always say “WE did this”.

Examples of my work

What makes me different from other lawyers?

My Business Background

I’ve been managing a legal company for 13 years. I’ve settled complex corporate conflicts, dealt with most business issues, which helps me offer interesting solutions.

International-level Mentors

I consult with world’s leading lawyers. One of my mentors is Itzhak Elkind (USA), president of Elki International, who used to lecture at the law schools at Yale University and Osgood Hall.

Team of professionals with 15+ years of experience

For each project I select a team of Russian and international professionals with over 15 years of experience and successful background in managing this type of cases.

Mentors in Russian law

I consult with Oleg Aleksandrovich Gorodovoy, member of the Saint Petersburg State University Faculty of Law academic board, and other experts from Russia’s leading faculty of juridical sciences.

Professional contacts all over the world

Over 15 years of working in the industry I have met a lot of partners around the world. These include former judges, top-rank government lawyers, international lawyers who assist in addressing specific issues.

To me, legal proceedings are a true form of art. I put my best efforts and creative thinking into each case.

Vlad Kvashnin

My method of working with clients

I go to appointments with my clients myself
I take care of my client’ schedule and comfort.
Rapid communication
I’m available on my personal phone 24/7. No extension numbers or secretaries.
I personally manage your case
I control everything from start to finish: I master the case and stand by the result.
I gather proven professionals from anywhere in the world
I organize my team depending on the tasks. I am personally accountable for the qualifications and level of expertise of experts I assign to a case.